Sunday, October 9, 2016


People said I look very happy, 
When I'm with you,
They said you are my kind of prince charming,
I thought so too, 
And yes I am happy,
But not every time.

I am used,
For being used,
I am used,
To be a kind of pretty soft toy,
But people misused me as the "toy",

I am used,
For being used,
They used me,
When they already fucked up with their life,
They used me,
When they are bored of their life. 

I am used Honey,
For being used,
Mingling with those kind of egocentric people,
I am used, 
To trust their words, 
They promised me to render a paradise,
But then they left,
I've been hurt,
My heart broke into million pieces,
And I fucked up with all those guys.

I am used, 
To being used and ignored,
They wanted to "play" with me,
But they refused every time i need to "play" with 'em,
So I played on my own,
My tears kept accompany me,
My heart was bleeding,
But they didn't know,
And they didn't want to know,
And they were not fucking cared even if they knew it!

What do you've expected?
When the first time you said you want me?
Were you expecting to such an egoist like them all?
You are selfish darling,
You really are,
You wanted me to keep my heart in yours,
Yes  I did,
But you are not keeping my heart in yours,
Sometimes you did, 
Sometimes maybe you just a little fucked up to take care of it,
Then you just  gave it back to me,
For what honey?

I just want to let you know,
Whatever it is,
I just don't give a damn,
Because they said, 
"A strong relationship requires choosing to love each other even in those moments when you struggle to like each other"
Yes I do believe that,
Because I just love you so much,
And I used to be hurt so much times,
I enjoyed the pain...

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Ajarkan aku erti ikhlas, sabar dan redha..
Pernah, suatu ketika kau dijanjikan dengan satu harapan?
Pernah harapan itu dipalsukan oleh pemberinya?
Lalu apa kau rasa?
Sedih? Kecewa? Mati hati?
Terus apa yang kau mampu lakukan?
Ajar hati untuk sabar..
Tapi sampai bila?
Sampai kau tahu mengerti apa itu redha..
Pernah sesekali kau rasakan redha itu cuma bila tiada apa yg mengingatkan kembali harapan itu?
Maka itu bukan lah redha sebenar benarnya ..
Pernah satu hari, hati kau tak lagi bergetar bila teringat janji palsu itu?
Maka dari situlah datangnya ikhlas..
Lalu kau mampu tersenyum lega. 



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